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Au Pairs can offer much needed childcare support, for a few hours a day. Less rushing around for the parents, allowing more time in the comfort of their own home, providing you with cover at home with babysitting.

With the help of an Au Pair you can now, have an uninterrupted shower, a chat on the phone to a friend, send emails, a nice long bath and many more things we take for granted.
At Okaupair we encourage the host family to welcome the Au Pair as an extended part of their family and allow them independence and a social life which will help towards a good environment and a productive atmosphere for you your family and the Au Pair.

The main role of an Au Pair is about childcare, this is the priority household duties is secondary. In most cases an Au Pair is an unqualified child carer. Au Pair should not be having full care of your children all day.

In the day of an Au pair they should be expected to help you get the kids dressed in the morning for school, make sure they have had breakfast, breakfast dishes are tidied and do the school run. They may do some light housework for an hour during school time, then collect the children from school, and prepare snacks for the kids, help with homework, organize playtime, prepare the children’s supper, bath and get them ready for bed.

We choose our Au Pairs with a good standard of English which you will be able to assess as part of the interview process. If the Au Pair wishes to attend English language classes, we encourage you to help them achieve this and to make a small weekly contribution to their course and travel arrangements.

If you need your Au Pair to drive, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Check your Au Pair brings a full, clean, valid driving licence with them from an EU or EEA country.
  • Take out fully comprehensive car insurance for your Au Pair informing your insurance company that the candidate is a foreign national. Au Pairs can not be expected to cover the cost of any damage to the car in any circumstance. If your Au Pair has an accident in your car, you will lose your no claims bonus, so it may be worth enhancing your policy to protect your no claims bonus. Some families put their Au Pair on their company car to save the cost of insurance.
  • Organise some driving lessons and provide a copy of the Highway Code.
  • Ensure you provide details on what to do in the event of a breakdown.
  • Petrol must be provided for use on duty, however most Au Pairs pay for petrol for their personal use.

Written Offer, House Rules and Notice Period

Once you have identified a candidate you would like to invite as your Au Pair, and they have accepted, we will provide you with a template for the ‘Letter of Invitation.’ This is required to outline in writing the key terms and requirements of their stay, including pocket money, hours, holidays, description of your au pair’s bedroom and what help is expected.

If you have any house rules, these should be made clear to your Au Pair at the beginning of the placement, for example regarding friends visiting/ staying overnight, curfew if working the next day, use of the telephone. It is important to take time when your Au Pair arrives to explain and set out clearly your expectations for both on and off duty.

If you or your Au Pair need to terminate the arrangement earlier than expected, a two week’s paid notice period applies. If you wish your Au Pair to leave before the end of the notice period, you must cover the cost of B&B accommodation or a flight home and two week’s pocket money.

The Au pair covers the cost of their ticket on arrival and departure from the UK. At Okaupair we recommend that you meet the Au Pair on arrival into the UK and cover the cost of the internal travel to your home, if it is not possible for you to meet Au Pair OKaupair will meet the Au Pair for you at a cost to the host family.

Your Au Pair should travel to the UK with an EHIC card which enables them to get state healthcare. You should help them register at your local GP surgery on arrival. They should also consider taking out additional health and travel insurance to cover emergency medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation or curtailment charges, baggage, personal money, passport and documents, course fees, personal liability and legal expenses.

Fees & Refund Policy

We believe our fees offer good value for money and reflect the quality we deliver!

Following your telephone consultation, we start your search by a nominal activation fee (refunded to your card immediately).  The transaction allows us to verify your card details and identity.

The placement fee becomes due the moment you and your chosen au pair have completed an invitation form (we ask you to complete the form within 2 days of offering the role to the au pair). The invoice is always payable prior to au pair arrival, and subject to payment terms stipulated in our terms and on the invoice.

The full placement fee is only payable after you confirm one of au pair applicants. No charges are therefore due, should you not wish to proceed with the au pairs selected by our team.

Our placement fees are based on the placement duration and skills/childcare experience of the au pairs.

Certain nationality au pairs incur a higher fee as a result of higher recruitment/commission charges by our sending agencies.

We have strict parameters to upgrade au pairs into the higher tier category (experience +) – and due to this, these applicants are always more limited in numbers and we recommend a longer lead time for the search, whereby a more experienced applicant is preferred.

Unsure which category au pair would be best suited for your family?

Our team can advise you of the most suitable option!

The placement fee quoted below reflects the maximum availability of the au pair as confirmed on their profile upon introduction.

Placement Fees
Placement Duration  

 Au Pair Program

up to 3 months £420+VAT
4-5 months £550+VAT
6-8 months £680+VAT
9-12 months £880+VAT


An additional fee of £100 is added for Scandinavian (Swedish/Danish) au pair fees as Scandinavian au pairs incur substantially higher commission charges by our agents abroad.

Many au pairs extend their agreed placement duration with their host family, which is great! It is your duty as a host family to inform our agency of such extension, in which case the difference in the placement fee categories will become due. E.g. if you have confirmed an au pair for a period of 6 months, and they stay for 12, only the difference in the two fee categories would be due.
We recognise that sometimes things do not go to plan, even with the best planning and support.
All long term placements include a 6 week guarantee and a fair refund policy for your peace of mind.
If the placement is terminated during this period, Okaupair will offer one free replacement au pair placement.
Should we, however, be unable to offer suitable replacement au pair candidates within the first 7 days (from the date of notifying us) the following refund schedule applies should you choose to discontinue the replacement search with Okaupair. Unreasonable rejection of replacement candidates (such as amending the new search requirements to be such which are substantially different to the original search) does not automatically warrant a refund.
Okaupair are not authorised to give tax advice – however do often receive queries regarding au pairs, tax & NI implications.

Please find more information on the following GOV.UK Pages – &

We can also recommend NannyTax Helpline for further queries regarding your individual family requirements.

We provide a PAYE service to keep payments made to the Au pair accountable and in order.

As standard, you will need to provide your au pair full board & pocket money (meaning, their own private bedroom, and daily meals).

The weekly pocket money that you pay to your au pair already includes a compulsory weekly contribution of £20 towards the cost of travel/language school.

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